22 Feb 2016

Winning the Super Bowl isn’t Important. Winning After is…

“How would you guys like to see your work in the Super Bowl?”

Elevation felt like it had summited Mt Everest. In just 3 short years of producing, directing and editing creative spots for companies like Nike, Comcast, and several other fortune 500’s, Arrow Electronics now was telling them that Millions would see their work during the big game, just after the 3rd quarter. One thing you notice from the top of Everest however, is that K2 is right across the horizon, and much more of an achievement in the mountaineering world. The same is true in Marketing!

For Elevation, and for their client, Super Bowl Sunday ended up being just the warm up climb. What happened Monday morning and the week after, the 80 year old company, and Fortune 500 had never seen before. The blog world, as well as major news outlets, picked up on the progressive project and instantly named it the top commercial of Super 50, posting the video in its full length, along with the behind the scenes for 31 million readers to view in just 5 days time. This type of exposure was unprecedented in the electronic components industry.


So, why did this happen? The answer is simple, Elevation was not trying to sell anything. By just drinking the lemonade in a clear glass full of ice so to speak, Arrow nor Elevation had to hold up a sign saying “Fresh Lemonade, just 5 cents”. The brand sold itself. Innovative. Important. And maybe most significant, like its commercial, forward thinking. Too many times brands focus solely on selling a product or showing a direct ROI. The wave of the future will be ridden by those who are willing to attach content into the brand, rather than the brand into content.