16 Mar 2016

Why 183 Takes Is Worth It

7M0A5972A “single take” can be a very misleading name. In fact, we would call them by a very different name that wouldn’t be classy to print. But, after 2 weeks, and 183 attempts to get it just right, everyone at Elevation agrees that it was totally worth it!

When challenged by Arrow Electronics to create a spot that would interest the public in their “Transportation” line of business, some genius/idiot at Elevation suggested that we take apart a car, use every part in it to construct a Rube Goldberg machine, and then film it working all in one live take, no special effects or CG. Brought to the Denver based company’s attention latter, another form of this idea had been done years before by Honda, however much suspicion swirls around if the domino type effect in that spot truly was organic. Either way, Elevation believed the only way to do this version of the spot was with their team as the builders and without computer assistance in post to make the machine connect.

You’ve seen Rube Goldberg Machines before, but have you seen one end like this?

With the capabilities of editing software these days, almost anything is possible. However, to truly engage the viewer, and to gain traction in the “viral market”, your work has to be pure and transparent. That trust or distrust built with the viewer, will instantly translate to trust or distrust of your brand. A “cut” in the transportation spot would have been easy to make, either by moving behind a beam, or even stitching together film while the moving part of the machine was hidden from frame. Despite the consternation we knew it would take to move the camera in a true form along with the Rube Goldberg, cheating was not an option. 183 takes latter, we still stand by that belief.

Take a look at things getting testy on set in the behind the scenes…

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