05 Apr 2016

Sports and Video Score Big in Business

The excitement of sports at all levels is largely dependent on the reaction of fans. If you were to point this in the direction of business it might read… the excitement of sales and marketing is entirely dependent on the customer.

The majority of people on this planet have some connection to sports, and many are heavily influenced by sports. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, making sports part of your marketing line-up can be a winning move. Putting your brand in a position to get recognized is the name of the game.

Western Union (WU) has done a wonderful job of integrating their brand with global sports like basketball and soccer. Most recently, team WU partnered with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Each one of these relationships featured video as a key player.


Arrow Electronics has taken a big leap into the sports arena. Though their partnership with the Broncos is the lead horse, other less visible sports like Indy Car and bull fighting are in the mix too. They also featured cycling to capture the tone of their power management business unit. Once again, video was called upon to put points on the board with the audience.


Of course not everyone has the resources to partner with NFL stars and professional teams, but this doesn’t mean you have to ride the bench. The Alzheimer’s Association is a great example of taking a sports strategy to create a successful fundraiser… Blondes vs Brunettes clashing in flag football.

So, cheers to sports of all sorts… and scoring big in business with video!