04 Feb 2016

Elevation Scores Super Bowl Ad with Arrow Electronics

Getting to the Super Bowl isn’t easy, just ask the Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions. The same can be true in the advertising world. So, there was plenty of excitement when Arrow Electronics chose a commercial produced by local Denver production boutique Elevation Digital Media to air in Super Bowl 50.

The commercial is part of 10-video series commissioned by Arrow, featuring the global giant’s various business units. All of the ads are booked to play in 2016, but Arrow is kicking off the campaign during the Big Game.

The spot features a built-from-scratch Lego machine, which delicately folds a paper airplane through a series of mechanical levers, motors, and pneumatic pumps. Not only does machine fold a perfect plane, but it even launches the plane into flight at the end. To pull off this mechanical wonder, Elevation brought in famed Lego Designer Arthur Sacek from Brazil to design, construct, and operate the machine from scratch over a 5-day period in the summer of 2015. The commercial then combines sound effects from space shuttle launches and famous sound bites from JFK and Neil Armstrong, paying homage to the breakthroughs in Aerospace and Defense that Arrow has so proudly built upon.

Elevation is thrilled to be working with an industry leader like Arrow, whose innovations in technology aren’t unlike their innovative approach in marketing and advertising. Unlike most Super Bowl commercial productions, Arrow worked with Elevation directly to produce the spot without ad agency involvement; a Super Bowl first. Rather than using a ad agency as a middle-man, the creative minds at Arrow joined forces with Elevation to produce the spot on a much faster timeline than traditionally achievable. This model has proven to be extremely successful for Arrow, as well as Elevation’s numerous other Fortune 500 clients who have grown tired of the agency model.

“It’s great to be sitting at the table with the top company in Colorado on the Fortune 500 List” said Elevation co-owner

Chris Lewis. “Our relationship with Arrow is really amazing. There are no limits to the creative boundaries at Arrow, so they don’t put creative limits on us when coming up with these insane ideas.”

See the commercial here!